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Step 1:Use the Online Appraisal Calculator below to receive an INSTANT estimate for your diamond. Or for other diamond jewelry, designer jewelry and watches, send us the details using the specific forms. We will respond within one business day. If you prefer to speak with a live representative, our GIA certified professionals are available Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Dial 1-202-609-9788.

Step 2:Request your FREE appraisal kit by completing the form below. We will send you a prepaid USPS overnight shipping envelope with instructions on how to safely ship your diamonds and jewelry.

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Step 4:We will send you an official email with a secure login that will allow you to accept or deny our offer. We offer four payment methods: cash, check, direct deposit or PayPal.

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Manny R

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Amanda P

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Jannelle J

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Patricia B

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Carolina H

“I do everything online. So, when I decided to sell a diamond, that was no different. However, I do appreciate the time on the phone with the diamond expert because there was so much I didn’t know. And, it gave me confidence knowing these guys will give me the best value. I would give five million stars to the Market Street Loan Team.”

Item sold: Diamond

Amount received: $7600

I had lots of loose gemstones including diamonds. I was skeptical about selling because I didn’t want to get taken advantage of. Well, after one conversation with the experts at Market Street Loan, I felt I was dealing with experts I could trust. I decided to sell most of the gemstones. Except for a sapphire which was designed into a breathtaking ring. I can’t thank Market Street Loan and Market Street Diamonds enough for their professionalism and for making me a piece I will cherish for life.”

Item sold: Diamonds and Gemstones

Amount received: $3500

My friend referred me to Market Street Loan. She said they would give me the best price for an engagement ring I had from a previous relationship. And they not only gave me the best price, but they made it so easy and friendly. So, if you have been on the fence and have any items sitting in your drawer, believe me you should consider selling, taking the money and doing something for yourself.

Item sold: Engagement Ring

Amount received: $4500

I had a superb selling experience with Market Street Loan. The staff is very professional and very easy to work with. There are real diamond and jewelry professionals behind this website. I tried many diamond buyers, but I got the best price from these guys.

Item sold: 2.3 Carat Oval Diamond

Amount received: $34,000

I was hesitant to sell a solitaire diamond ring because it was a family heirloom. But, it was not my style and I was never going to wear it. The experts at Market Street Loan gave me a trustworthy valuation. The price couldn’t be beat and, I had the money wired into my bank account that day. I’m truly appreciative of how I was treated at Market Street Loan and, I know my great aunt is smiling knowing I will put the money to good use.

Item sold: 1.8 Carat Diamond Ring

Amount received: $8,000

I live in the DC Metro Area, so I visited Market Street Diamonds in person. I had an 18kt Gold chain that I hadn’t worn in years. I was happy with the offer. Not only that, I put the money toward a new watch. Also I referred my sister because I know she will be in good hands there.

Item sold: 18k Gold Chain

Amount received: $980

I thank you for giving me a fair price when I really needed it. Market Street Loan is not just another online pawn broker, these guys a real jeweler who make very high-end jewelry pieces for their store in Washington, DC. They buy out stuff for their own use, but not as a middleman. With them you will get the best appraisal and the highest price. Yes, I will recommend Market Street Loan to anyone who is looking to sell their jewelry.

Item sold: 0.9 Round Diamond

Amount received: $2800


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